10 Things I Love about Yu

1) He’s 25 years old. Not often does a 25 year old appear on the free agent market. He’s been in the professional Japanese League since his teens. CJ Wilson will be the man he will replace, atop the Rangers rotation and in fans hearts. CJ will be 31 next season, and Yu will be at or above CJ’s level as a starting pitcher. The Rangers will be getting the very prime years of Yu, which is very valuable.

2) He will bring in lots of fans and money. Darvish will cost more than $100 million, but Yu more than any other player in baseball, will by a drawing force. The Ballpark will sell-out every time he pitches. Fox Sports Southwest has to be rooting harder for Yu than anyone. They’ll be able to double ad prices, with all the international traffic Yu will draw. Yu will pay for himself, no player is that valuable, monetarily.

3) He is better than Daisuke Matsusaka. Dice-K never posted an ERA below 2 in Japan. Darvish hasn’t posted an ERA above 2 since he was a teen. THEY ARE NOT COMPARABLE. Darvish is to Dice-K what Clayton Kershaw is to Chad Billingsly. They are not even in the same league. And Dice-K was very good before he blew his arm out- 2.90 ERA and 154 K’s in 167 IP in his first state-side year. Like I said, Yu is better and will be the best thing to come out of Japan since Nintendo.

4) He has an ace mentality. One of CJ’s great qualities is he thinks he’s better than everyone., it gives him an edge even when he’s truly down. Yu is truly better than everyone in Japan. Every game he pitches is a big game, he’s the attraction. He knows it, he likes it. Also, this is not a case of a guy being really good and not having to work hard. To the contrary, he’s gotten better every season, and I would assume- by working hard. This bodes well for the playoffs, an area that the Rangers thought was a deficiency of CJ’s game.

5) He’s right-handed. Some teams, like the Yankees, are loaded with right-handed and switch-hitters that can nullify the Ranges advantage of having a lot of lefties like Derek Holland, Matt Harrison, and Martin Perez. It’s good to be balanced in the rotation, and have someone that can go toe-to-toe with right-handed power hitters like, um Albert Pujols.

6) No draft pick necessary. Yu is not the typical free agent, the Rangers will have to pay upwards of $50 million just to have negotiating rights. At least, they don’t have to surrender a high draft pick as compensation too. It’s just money, and not my money at that. And like I said, Yu will pay for himself, shouldn’t be as big as an issue as it seems.

7) Yu will ease our pain. Sure it hurt for Albert Pujols and some 3rd starter to sign with the Angels, but I still don’t think they are the AL West favorites. Winning the Darvish Sweepstakes will erase any creeping doubt about where the Rangers stand. The Angels got Pujols and CJ to secure the second wild-card, the Rangers will get Darvish to win the World Series.

8) He’s ambidextrous. For fun, it’s said Darvish throws left-handed in Spring Training. I only point this out because if he blows out an arm, maybe he can be a lefty specialist out of the pen in the same season, milk the investment.

9) He races cars, and landed a plane once. Ok, he didn’t do that, but he does blog and did tweet at one time, so he is very media savvy, like the dearly departed 3rd starter.

10) He thinks Oakland A’s fans are lame, and they have the worst stadium ever. Ok, I’m not sure he said that either, but after his first road trip to the empty ballpark in Oakland, he’ll probably agree and talk about it on the radio.

Dan Allsup

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