43 Days


43 days have passed since the month of July began. I choose that day
because it signifies to me the start of the “dog days of summer” in
Texas. Sure, it gets hot well before then, but the oppressive, life
force draining, soul sucking heat doesn’t really hit until the seventh
It has been the criticism of many Texas Rangers teams that they simply couldn’t withstand the ridiculous heat of Arlington. I’ve always thought that was a pretty flimsy point, but I’m just going to examine this year.

Since July began the Rangers have played 34 games. Those have been evenly split with 17 at home and 17 on the road. In that time, Texas has gone 18-16. So far, the numbers are looking fairly even. That goes a step further when you consider that Texas was 9-8 at home and 9-8 on the road during that stretch.

I’d like to examine an uneven split, though. Let’s take a look at July vs. August.

In the month of July, Texas played 23 games. 12 were road games, and 11 were at home. In August, they’ve played 11 games with 6 in Arlington and 5 elsewhere. In geometric terms, you’d call that similar.

In July, the Rangers went 9-14, with only 4 of the wins coming on the road. In August, they are 8-3 with 4 road wins less than halfway through the month. The team has matched their number of road wins and almost equaled their number of total wins for the previous month in half the time.

In the 23 games of July, Texas score 81 runs. They’ve scored 71 runs in only 11 August games.

What is the significance of all this, you might ask? Nothing. The whole reason I point out these differences is to note that these things happen in baseball. The same team that played the July games has played the August games. Sure, they traded for Geovany Soto and Ryan Dempster, and promoted Mike Olt, but none of those guys are daily factors (although Soto will be now that Napoli is on the DL, and Olt should be).

In such a long season, teams will go through good streaks, like April and May, and bad streaks, like July. Hopefully the start to August signifies another good streak. One thing is for sure, it’ll almost certainly be better than July. 

Chris Kautz is a Senior Staff Writer for ShutDowninning. He can be reached at Chris.Kautz@ShutDowninning.com or on Twitter @SDIChris.
Chris Kautz

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