Añodeloso Continues


If you have lived under a rock this past year, you might have missed Baylor Athletics having one of the greatest years in collegiate sports history. This past year has been Añodeloso, the “Year of the Bear”, so it should be no surprise that this would be the season Baylor alumnus David Murphy has his career season.
Heading into the 2012 season, many of us felt that having a fourth outfielder on the team that made $3.63M didn’t seem very cost-efficient. Murphy was coming off a disappointing 2011 campaign where he hit .275/.328/.401 with a 92 OPS+ and a 0.7 rWAR.

This season, Rangers’ management and fans alike have seen a rejuvenated Murphy who has already surpassed his previous best season in rWAR (2.3 in 2010) as he stands at 2.5 with a month to play. If he qualified to be among the league leaders (currently four plate appearances away from qualifying, should have enough in just a few days), Murphy would be tied for fourth in the AL with a .390 OBP and 11th in OPS (.876).

The most surprising aspect of this season for Murphy has been his ability to hit lefties (albeit in a small sample size of 61 plate appearances) at a clip of .382/.426/.455. To say he has been lucky against LHP this season would be an understatement as he has a most unsustainable .525 BABIP. This is one of the many reasons why you @cantpredictball.

That being said, who saw a Baylor player winning the Heisman last season? This career year for Murphy has been a continuation of what many in Waco have been enjoying since last September. They, like Ranger fans, hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.

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Eddie Middlebrook
Eddie Middlebrook is Senior Writer for @ballparkbanter9 and @shutdowninning. Formerly with @wfaasports and @FoxSportsSW. @IBWAA member. Eddie can be found on Twitter @emiddlebrook.

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