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Saturday afternoon when news broke that Lance Berkman had agreed to a one-year deal with the Texas Rangers the emotional spectrum was far and wide across the fan base. Many recall the damage that Berkman did to the Rangers in the 2011 World Series and some recalled his comments during the 2010 off-season. Those same reports also suggested that he would be the primary DH in the 2013 campaign, filling, in my opinion, the final need in the Rangers off-season plans from an offensive standpoint. But, when you look at the defensive situation, things aren’t quite as clear. While I’m sure there will be other things written on this website and other blog related sites outlining the highs and lows of Berkman’s career and what he can or can’t do for this team, my focus is on the other people affected most by Saturday’s news: David Murphy and Jurickson Profar.
If Lance Berkman is your everyday DH, assuming that means somewhere in the neighborhood of 120-130 games, and he also plays at first some to spell Moreland versus lefties there is no need to move Kinsler to first. Moving a positional player who has played the same position for multiple years as Kinsler has at the major league level isn’t a part-time move. You don’t just tinker with Kinsler, or any proven big leaguer, and have him worry about multiple positions because that could have a negative effect on his play at the plate. When Craig Biggio made the move to center field to accommodate Jeff Kent, it was a full-time switch. The same can be said for Alfonso Soriano when he moved to left field. It’s not a wise baseball move to have Kinsler spend extensive time working on first base mechanics if he is only going to play 10 games or so at the most.The outfield as it stands today will bea combination of David Murphy, Craig Gentry,Leonys Martin, and Nelson Cruz. While that may not be as sexy as our outfield’s of past, it is serviceable and can function now that Berkman can provide a middle of the order bat. If the Rangers decide that they need more help here, then you have three options: sign an available free agent (Bourn), make a trade (Upton,Kubel), or moveKinsler to the outfield. By movingKinsler out there you have solidified him as an everyday outfielder. IanKinsler will not split time with someone this year and have his at-bats decreased, so the most logical full-time outfield position for him appears to be left. It seems like the easiest option for him considering his arm strength, but where do you move Murphy? He can’t be a duo with Cruz in right field for the same reasons he can’t withKinsler. Nelson Cruz will get his at bats this year, and moving Cruz’s contract will be challenging (10.5 mm in 2013). Your best defensive option is Martin/Gentry sharing time in centerfield and that makes a lot of sense from a contract and defensive standpoint. Not every position on the field has to have a plus hit tool guy and the Martin/Gentry duo will add value at their position while providing some bench depth. After this exhausting look at the outfield situation for next year, there is only one known and that is Murphy is without a position if they moveKinsler to the outfield. The Rangers could look to move Murphy as part of a trade package bringing in one of the big bats in Arizona (not likely) or they decide that Murphy deserves a shot to be the everyday left fielder (despite his horrid splits versus lefties).The option that I think the Rangers will go with (which means they will probably do the opposite) is to keep Murphy in left, Kinsler stays at second, which sends Profar back to Round Rock to start the season. Mike Olt will get some looks as an outfielder in the spring to play some versus the lefties (despite Olt’s questionable routes as an OF). If the Rangers go get another outfielder then the situation is the same with the new acquisition in left and Kinsler staying at second. Jurickson Profar’s easiest route to Arlington this year was with Kinsler moving to play first base or the outfield on a full time basis. Obviously, if Profar has a great spring he will force the Rangers to alter their plans (Robbie Ross 2012) and go with the youngster earlier than anticipated. But, in all likelihood all signs point to Jurickson Profar heading to Round Rock in 2013. Lance Berkman gives Ron Washington a full-time DH/part time first baseman with Pierzynski getting any remaining scraps at DH. Injuries and other unforeseen situations can always alter the best of plans, but regardless of what happens here on out the lineup is game ready for 2013.

Starting Lineup: (not batting order)

Beltre 3B
Andrus SS
Kinsler 2B
Moreland 1B 
Pierzynski C
Berkman DH                         
Murphy LF
Martin CF
Cruz RF


_______ (utility IF or another arm in the bullpen – not for Profar)

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Jeff Johnson

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