Difference Maker: Elvis Andrus

My 2013 season difference maker is Elvis Andrus, a.k.a Tiny E.

With the exception of the home run numbers, his overall offense has continued to
increase each year he’s played for the Rangers. As I’ve said before, he will still continue the trend and we should not worry about decline for some time. His defense will hopefully continue to clean up as well. I have a feeling he and Kinsler will be a great defensive duo in 2013 and E’s defense will shine through.

Some trade news dropped a week or so ago that has caused me to question what will
motivate Elvis this season. I don’t doubt his work ethic or his ability, but we may soon find out what really motivates him. It was reported that the Rangers will trade Elvis (presumably next winter, unless things are dire in July) if a contract cannot be agreed upon this season. Since that news came out, it pretty much put the ball in Elvis’ court and also probably broadcasted the fact that he’ll be available, barring said deal.

It feels like 2013 has pretty much turned into a contract year of sorts for him and that leads me to think we’ll see what motivates his career – love and comfort with his current situation or being a “Boras guy” who chases the money. I wouldn’t put it past him to pull out the stops and prove that he wants to stay; it will be pricey though and the Rangers would have to feel absolutely certain that the money would be worth it. I also know that many are anxious to see Profar up in the majors, but there’s just no need to rush him when Elvis is going to do just fine.

That being said…

I think part of Elvis will now be playing to prove that he’s the sure thing and that
ownership needs to figure out what to do with young Profar, not figure out what the best trade deal would be for Elvis to headline. I could go on and on about how Profar doesn’t need to be rushed to be totally ready to start in only a year’s time and that it would be beneficial to at least give Elvis his full two years left before they move on to Profar. In the end, it’ll be his choice and business will proceed accordingly. I hope he stays.

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Sarah Powers

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