Done Deal

The Rangers have finalized their contract for Yu Darvish. The contract will keep Darvish in Arlington for the next 6 years, for $60 million.

The posting fee of $51.7 million will now be sent to Darvish’s Japan team. The grand total for Darvish is now $111.7 million, and for an average annual value of $18.6 million per year.

Darvish’s deal is roughly three more million dollars, per year than the deal, former ‘ace’, C.J. Wilson signed with the rival Angels. In addition to the extra three million per year, Darvish also was signed today for six years, not the five years Wilson is guaranteed.

But Darvish is six years younger and should be much more valuable for ages 25-30 instead of ages 31-35 of Wilson. The fact that the Rangers did not want to go five years for Wilson, and that the sticking point in the Darvish deal was that the Rangers wanted Darvish for six years, just reaffirms the idea that Darvish was the Rangers ‘plan A’ all along.

With Darvish finally in the fold, Rangers fans can turn their attention and wait with bated breath for Prince Fielder. If the Rangers do indeed hand out another $100 million contract, that it would take to secure Fielder’s services, they will certainly be going all-in in 2012 with their back-to-back American League championship squad.

The done deal with Darvish, also gives way to more contract talks with slugger, Josh Hamilton, who isn’t open for in-season negotiating. Furthermore, the Rangers can also now look back into extensions with players among their core, such as Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli, Derek Holland and possibly Elvis Andrus.

No matter which way general manger, Jon Daniels turns, the Rangers have locked up one of the most rare commodities in baseball, a top of the rotation n pitcher, in Darvish, who is just eight weeks older than the Rangers young, rising star pitcher- Derek Holland.

Now that Darvish is officially a Ranger, the Rangers will be looking to get an early return on his investment, through merchandising Darvish. It will be safe to assume that Darvish ‘anything’ will be a very hot item. And that Darvish will be the main attraction come Spring Training even if the Rangers add Fielder.

The Darvish signing is just another feather in JD’s, for the most ‘buzz-worthy’, exciting and possibly the best team in baseball.

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Dan Allsup

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