Goat Of The Week: Josh Hamilton

As the resident villain of SDI, I will have a new series where I feature a guy who receives the lion share of grief for the week whether it be a Ranger or their opponent.

I know Chuck Morgan or any other PA announcer would never play walk-up music for an opposing player, but maybe Chuck could make an exception for Josh. As boos rain down on him from the infidels in the stands, Josh could take his spot in the left-handed batter’s box to Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks.”    

On Friday, Josh picked up where he left off in Arlington last season as he went 0-4 with two strikeouts at the plate. When Hamilton is not mentally locked in, he looks like a fat kid swinging blindly at a piñata. At times like this, it shouldn’t be Head & Shoulders or Old Spice endorsing him, but instead, Mountain Dew.

Going 0-4 at the plate is one thing, but how about playing defense so poor, it makes Nelson Cruz look like a Gold Glove right-fielder?! First, Josh misplayed the ball off the wall to allow A.J. Pierzynski to get a triple. Next, he allowed at least two balls (maybe three) by my account, fall in front of him that should’ve been caught by a guy whose talent merits a $125M contract. Finally, in the eighth inning, Hamilton finally makes an almost solid play as he attempts to gun down Gentry at the plate, but the throw is short-hopped and Feline Face is safe as the go-ahead run.

All of the above is a rough day at the office like we all have from time to time, no doubt. What happens next, would be the equivalent of one us pulling a *spoiler alert* Milton from Office Space and burning the entire building down.

In reference to saying Arlington is not a baseball town:

“I will never take back what I said,” Hamilton said, “until they show up every night for 30 years.”    

Next, is where he ramps it up and gets Josh Hamilton weird:

“Somebody came and shared that with me,” Hamilton said. “Where did people get on Jesus the most? In his hometown. It’s one of those things, where baseball-wise, this is my hometown. They got after it.”  

If that wasn’t enough? Here’s more:

“Once the alcohol got flowing good,” Hamilton said, smiling. “Honestly, man, that was louder than any playoff game I’ve been to. They expressed themselves how they wanted to express themselves today.”

This is where I would pull a Seth Meyer’s from SNL’s Weekend Update and say “REALLY?!” That’s what you want to go ahead and say? I was there and I’ll agree that it was loud, but playoff loud? Hardly. We all remember the NAP-O-LI chants that reigned down like Thor’s thunder in Arlington during the 2011 playoff run. Josh, are you going to tell us that Friday’s boos were louder than that? I can personally attest to the fact that when Mitch Moreland hit his homerun in game three of the 2010 World Series, RBiA at that moment was louder than any sporting event I had ever been to (including Kyle Field in College Station).

In the end, to say that Friday was a bad day for Josh would be like saying ex-Rutgers Basketball Coach Mike Rice merely lost his temper from time to time.

Through the first four games of the season, Hamilton is hitting .063 with one hit in 16 ABs. Josh has managed to walk twice, but has struck out eight times. Those numbers alone didn’t make him the goat of the week.

The jeers will continue to rain down like Pacman Jones’ money at Minxx in Las Vegas. Though I didn’t participate in the events, I can’t blame a fan that did and will continue to boo Hamilton.

We may have all been fooled as Rangers’ followers because we thought we were watching Roy Hobbs when in reality, it was Bump Bailey all along.  

Eddie Middlebrook is the co-host of the podcast “Chin Music” and Junior Staff Writer for ShutDowninning. He can be reached at Eddie.Middlebrook@ShutDowninning.com or on Twitter @emiddlebrook
Eddie Middlebrook
Eddie Middlebrook is Senior Writer for @ballparkbanter9 and @shutdowninning. Formerly with @wfaasports and @FoxSportsSW. @IBWAA member. Eddie can be found on Twitter @emiddlebrook.

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