Hot Stove Talk

Even though there are no games being played, this time of the year generates more baseball news than any other. The only thing more abundant at the winter meetings than middle aged white guys in suits are rumors of trade and free agent offers.  

The key word there is “rumors”. Over the past two days, my Twitter timeline has exploded with tweets from the various baseball writers I follow. Reporter A says that team X has made an offer to player Y for Z years. Minutes later, reporter B says that a representative for team X told him that no offer has been made. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this formula, or one remarkably similar this week. 

For me, it’s just too much. It seems that nobody reporting on the happenings at the winter meetings is concerned with being correct. As soon as they get word of something, they’re tweeting it with no verification. I’m getting more misinformation than I am actual news, and it’s turning me off from the whole thing. 

One thing that I do like in all this is that there are very few mentions of the Rangers. That means that if JD and crew are working on something, they’re sticking to their reputation of being stealthy. That means when that if and when they make a move, it’ll be like an early Christmas surprise. 

The hot stove talk used to interest me, but now I’d just rather know when the food is fully cooked.

Chris Kautz

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