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As the trading deadline gets closer and closer the buzz over which pieces the Rangers may add to help their chances of returning to the World Series continue to grow by the minute. There have been rumors that we will land an elite outfielder, a frontline starter, or maybe even get Cliff Lee back. The rumor mill has been expanded to an entire industrial park lately because of the onset of Twitter and other social media outlets, but that is the great thing about being a fan. Fans can speculate, guess, or even argue about trades until they are blue in the face, but what is really happening behind the scenes is a mystery. 
The idea that someone might know inside information about what Jon Daniels is thinking is almost comical. It is well known around the fan base that no organization in baseball keeps their lips sealed like the Texas Rangers. But, what we do know is that Jon Daniels has given us a trend as to when a deal this year might happen.

The trading deadline is July 31st each season, and it isn’t uncommon to see teams bide their time to maximize the most value out of their deals and JD and the Rangers are no different. Below is a chart detailing a few of the trades in the past few seasons:  

Obviously, there are a few trades from the Jon Daniels era missing here, and the Cantu and Guzman deals were major busts, but what is the significance of the deals mentioned above?  All of these deals were finalized on or reported on July 30th or July 31st of their respected years. The Uehara trade and the Cantu trade were the only two that occurred on July 30th with the remainder of the deals happening on the 31st. It isn’t uncommon for general managers to wait until the last minute to move players, but it comes as a surprise that Jon Daniels does so with such regularity. 

Some other notable trades and their transaction date:

7/28/06- Texas received Carlos Lee and Nelson Cruz from Milwaukee in exchange for Francisco Cordero, Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix, and Julian Cordero.

7/31/06- Texas received Matt Stairs from Kansas City in exchange for Joselo Diaz.
7/31/06- Texas received Kip Wells from Pittsburgh in exchange for Jesse Chavez.

Since the 2010 season, the Rangers have only made two trades prior to these two dates. They traded for Cliff Lee on July 9, 2010 and worked out a deal for Bengie Molina on July 1, 2010. Other than these two deals, Jon Daniels has shown patience in the trade market during a pennant chase, but will pull the trigger when the time is right. That’s not to say that waiting is equated to landing a great deal (see Cantu and
Guzman trade), but it does show that JD is willing to wait until the last minute and isn’t phased by the stress of last minute shopping.

We can speculate as to whether or not waiting until the deadline date has any significant meaning behind the negotiating tactics of Jon Daniels, but the most important thing to realize is that it is still very early in the trading process. Twelve days remain until the trading deadline, which is an eternity in terms of working out
a deal. Jon Daniels has a history of making the most out of the last few days in July and I expect this year to be no different. Whether it is an impact player or just help for the bench, if the Rangers make a move this deadline, I would bet on it occurring on July 31st.

Jeff Johnson is a Staff Writer for ShutDownInning. He can be reached at Jeff.Johnson@ShutDownInning.com or on Twitter @Houstonhog.
Jeff Johnson

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