Nelson Cruz Brings The Funny

I didn’t get to watch all of today’s Rangers game. I caught a couple snippets of it here and there, but I never got fully invested. That had something to do with doing chores around the house, and also that the game quickly got out of hand and my time was best utilized elsewhere. I cannot rehash for you all the ways today’s game went wrong because of that, so instead of doing that I’m just going to point out the parts of the game that were still enjoyable despite the crappy overall result. 
For starters, it was interesting that Colby Lewis did not give up a home run in today’s game. As we all know, it’s not a Colby start unless he gives up a home run. So, small victory there against the Colorado Rockies, who have hit the most home runs in baseball. That didn’t stop them from racking up 8 runs against Lewis in 4 innings, however.

Secondly, the Rangers got down 11-1 in this game, and from that point on it never really felt like they would be able to come back and win. They made a pseudo-effort, but they fell short. They did, however, score enough runs for Rangers fans to get half-price pizza at Papa John’s tomorrow, so take that for what it’s worth.

Finally, of all the Texas Rangers players who played baseball today, Nelson Cruz had the best day. His day stood out, of course, because there were many more Rangers players who had bad days than good days. Colby Lewis had a terrible day. Michael Kirkman had an ugly day. Josh Hamilton had a pathetic day. Nelson Cruz had a terrific day.

Cruz went 3-for-5 with 2 home runs and 4 RBI. The best part about his two home runs were not the home runs themselves. While a home run is always incredible, these ended up being relatively meaningless home runs in the grand scheme of things. No, the best part about his two home runs were what happened mere seconds after he had struck the ball. First, there was Josh Outman, who really doesn’t like giving up home runs:

Then, there was that kid in the red shirt on Greene’s Hill, who keeps catching home runs and then doing stuff like this: 
Baseball is a funny sport, sometimes.

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Peter Ellwood

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