Next Year

There’s always next year.

I’m not referring to the 162 game season, but the offseason. There’s a possibility the Rangers “lose” out on everyone this winter. No Fielder, Pujols, Darvish, C.J. or  Buerhle is somewhere between possibility and reality.

It seems the Rangers front office is reluctant to alter the composition and chemistry of a team that was painstakingly close to winning it all. It would be reasonable for them to make just a few tweaks here and there. Even more so I believe the Rangers’ philosophy is wait. Wait for the right opportunity to pounce, which I believe is next offseason when Zack Greinke will be 29 years young, and a free agent for all.

The Rangers went hard after Greinke via trade last offseason. The Royals wanted a King’s ransom for Greinke, particularly if they were going to trade him in the same league. The Royals eventually traded him to the Brewers for what was perceived as a lesser deal than what the Rangers had offered. No team will stand in the Rangers way of Greinke next winter, if they are so inclined.

Speaking of next year’s free agents- it’s littered with Rangers. Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli, Colby Lewis and Ian Kinsler has an option for 2013 at $10 million. “If it was time” 2011, its now time to pay 2013 with the future free agent crop. Building a winner is tough, keeping it together is even harder.

The Rangers are weighing the options of each extension, trade or free agent signing. Which is why, it’s likely nothing major will get done this offseason, the team is already great and many players should continue improving like Elvis Andrus, Derek Holland and Leonys Martin.

Its tough for fans to swallow, they want immediate improvements to ensure a World Series victory. Nothing is insured in the winter. It never works that way, the Phillies and Red Sox “won” last winter, but never truly won anything during the season, but huge contracts (Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee). It will be quite alright with me if the Rangers “lose” again this winter.

Dan Allsup

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