Rangers keep the good times rolling by rolling over the Phillies in Arlington

For those of you who stayed at the game when the Rangers were down by ten runs, I am glad you did, and I am sure you are as well.

We haven’t come back all the way just yet but we sure as hell are giving it a good run. Now we have a fighter’s chance and in baseball that’s all you can ask as a fan.

You want your team to at least have a chance, and the Rangers have a chance indeed.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, that’s fair, so click here to catch up.

It was another win for the Rangers Wednesday, and, for just the second time during this streak, it was a win of the blow-out variety. In fact, this game had been decided by the time the third inning came to a close on a warm Wednesday evening at the Globe.

The Rangers scored single runs in the first and second innings—which had to seem like 10 runs to Andrew Cashner, who was a bit lacking in ]run support before Wednesday. The two runs were great; the missed opportunities to score several more, not so much. That all changed in the 3rd inning, though, as the Rangers put together a two-out rally that basically ended the game.

Jonathan Lucroy led off the bottom of the third with a double but, after a ground out and a sacrifice fly, there were two outs and the Rangers had nobody on base. Joey Gallo was next up and he was hit by a Zach Eflin pitch—which by the way was the 5th straight game in which Eflin had hit a batter. Jared Hoying came up after the Gallo HBP and hit a double to right, which put runners at second and third for Delino Deshields. Delino reach on a bunt single to the catcher to load the bases—and then everyone moved up a spot when Eflin proceeded to throw a wild pitch. Just like that, the Rangers had manufactured another run and still had two men on in scoring position. Shin-Soo Choo took care of them with a 2-RBI single and the Rangers had a 6-0 lead. The Rangers would tack on three more runs on an Odor RBI single in the fourth and a Jared Hoying 2-run shot in the fifth, which, at the time, gave the Rangers a 9-0 lead.

Andrew Cashner had to have been beside himself in the dugout. Nine runs and it’s only the 5th inning? The Rangers did Cashner a solid on Wednesday and he deserved it because he’s done nothing but give the Rangers a season full of solid performances. Cashner was his typical solid self again on Wednesday as he gave the Rangers seven innings of two-run ball. Cashner did give up 8 hits, but for the most part they were harmless; when you’re pitching with the lead, you’re going to give up a few hits here and there. Overall, it was another spectacular performance for Cashner, who has given the Rangers everything they could’ve wanted and more; despite that, he now sits at just 1-3, but with a 2.45 ERA on the year.

Wednesday night was another fun night in a week full of fun nights. Wednesday was also a night where some cool things happened:

All the good things  

  1. Jared Hoying went 4-4 and hit his first career home run. Wait, what? Jared Hoying,the guy who was hitting .242 in the minors and was called up because Gomez got hurt? That’s right; Hoying went yard, and he doubled and singled and was just a three-bagger away from the cycle. Here’s the deal: we know who Hoying is and Hoying knows who Hoying is. He’s not a guy that was called up because he is the future in center field. He was called up to do his job. To be good enough to keep himself on the field because, defensively, he is really good. He’s a great center fielder, and he’s certainly a far better option than anyone on the roster not named Carlos Gomez. Now obviously, Hoying isn’t going 4-4 every night—but if he can hit well enough for Banny to have good reason to keep him in the lineup, that’s a huge win for the Rangers as a team.
  2. Austin Bibens-Dirkx finally made his major league debut. Here’s the deal: it’s not about how well he pitched, and it’s not about the fact that he gave up a run either. It’s about the fact that, on Wednesday May 18, 2017, Bibens-Dirkx played in a Major League baseball game—and that’s something he can hold onto forever. Much was made about the fact that after 12 years in the minors, Bibens-Dirkx was finally called up to the club last week—and for good reason. There aren’t many guys who love the game enough to spend 12 years in the minors, but this guy did; Wednesday, his persistence finally paid off. Baseball can give you beautiful moments; this was certainly one of those.
  3. The Rangers are above .500 for the first time all season. That’s pretty cool. What’s even better than that is the fact that, after all the ups and downs (mostly downs) of this season, the team is now tied for 4th in the American League in wins with 21. That’s crazy. Crazy, but true.

Moving Forward

It’s an early start for the team on getaway day today. It’s a 1:05 pm first pitch and it will be Martin Perez on the mound to face Nick Pivetta. After the game, the Rangers will fly to the Motor City for the first of three series on the road.

David Miller
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