Scouting Darvish


He was perfect through 5 2/3 today against Kansas City. He allowed no hits, no walks and struck out 6, all swinging, in those 5 2/3 innings pitched. It was maybe not Yu Darvish’s best game overall, but he was more dominate in those innings than he has been as a Ranger.

It was video game Yu. It was Nippon Yu. He only got to 3 balls on one hitter, which was the walk he allowed. Darvish was amazing today for a time. Then he hit a wall, giving up a single, a triple, and then a double. But he battled. That is what Yu Darvish does. He battles, time and time again. I have come to really appreciate what he does. Darvish may not be the best pitcher on the Texas staff, but that time will come.

Then Darvish came back in the 7th inning, and retired the Royals on 8 pitches, He had only thrown 87 at that point, but the Rangers bullpen came in and nailed it down for another victory. However, the victory lies at the feet of Yu, and the Rangers offense. It is a dynamic combination, In his first 4 innings, Yu’s pitch count was 11, 13, 12, 8. Then a 25 pitch 6th, but he came back with an 8 pitch 7th. Yu Darvish has a bright future in Texas. We can all look forward to more what he did today.

Below is Yu’s Pitching chart from today. Take note of his velocity difference between pitches. Red means a drop in velocity, and green means an increase. Enjoy. You can click the images to open a larger picture.

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Patrick Despain
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