Series or Bust

Hello friends of the program, it has been a long time since I put pen to paper for the SDI team and for that I apologize. I needed some time to recover from what was, to say the least, a heart wrenching loss in the World Series to a St. Louis team that had half the talent and twice the luck of our beloved Texas Rangers. I’m not going to give you a breakdown of rosters or trade possibilities because to be honest I’m not well enough versed on possible moves and second I don’t really care.

Let’s be honest I love the product and I do love watching the Rangers day in and day out, I would like to see them get a first baseman and a very expensive pitcher from the far east but  I can’t truly tell you what our chances are with any of those moves. I am however still caught up in the loss and how let down I am that we were a difficult but manageable catch away from being the World Series champions. Baseball is full of what ifs and unfortunately this series will always be a “what if” to this fan base. What if Nelly made the catch? What if Josh didn’t have incredible pain in his man areas? What if C.J. Wilson wasn’t a super douche who is as big game prepared as “wide right” Scott Norwood for the Buffalo Bills?

I will no doubt on opening day ‘12 start to move on from my pessimistic attitude towards last years’ debacle but for millennia to come I will be “what iffing” in my head regardless of what my mouth says. Sports hell is lined with teams that got there but couldn’t finish and I’m hoping from the bottom of my heart that John Daniels has the magic to put together the missing pieces that will allow us to return to the World Series. We have had two trips in a row and that is all you can wish for as a fan of a sports team, asking for three in a row is downright ridiculous. We can all hope that baseball God will allow us a third trip but chances are we may have to wait a while. What can I say? 

With all the crazy stuff that goes through my tiny brain you’d think I would just say that we will be there next year but I have to draw the line somewhere. Come April 1st I will completely ditch this rational train of thought and be all in the “Series or Bust mentality” but I wanted to take this morning to throw out the one rational thought this column may ever provide.

Danny Fowler

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