Seven Darvish Sins

It occurred to me while working from home, sitting on my couch this afternoon, that Yu Darvish can push me towards committing each of the seven deadly sins. It’s not his fault, it’s mine. 

His slider. His shuuto. The lollipop curve backed up by 96-mph heat. They make me feel things.


Gluttony is over-indulgence. I can’t watch enough of Darvish pitching. I watched 95% of his starts in 2012. I went back and re-watched many clips of many of them this off-season. I watched all 221 of his strikeouts. I believe I watched Darvish pitching three times as much as any other Rangers pitcher.


Because now that Texas has one pitcher who I believe is/will be an Ace, I want another.


Thinking about Yu Darvish only makes me want to write about Yu Darvish. No other subject, just his approach, repertoire, PitchFX log, and accomplishments.


Towards everyone who compared him to Daisuke Matsuzaka. Towards this scout: “He’s going to give up a ton of hits,” the scout said. “A lot of his fastballs are very straight. The guy is supposed to throw hard. But he basically pitched at 89 to 92, touching 93-94. That’s pretty good in Japan. It’s not very good here.

“He has a good cutter, a good curveball. But when he gets in trouble, he turns into a breaking-ball guy – nibble, nibble, he won’t let it go. He reminded me of Dice-K.”


I’m not getting to watch Yu Darvish pitch right now, and many of you are.


Because #11 wears “Texas” on the front of his jersey. Because Yu Darvish is ours.

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Peter Ellwood

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