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Here at SDI, we’re taking your feedback to evolve our site—from requests for increasingly varied content, to layout suggestions, to our social media engagement.

Perhaps the most frequent ask we get is for links to Rangers news. To that end, today and over the next weeks, we’ll be launching Rangers news links, first for the big league club and moving on down throughout the minor league system.

You’ll find the landing page for all our links under “Rangers News” in the navigation bar, and below the Slider of SDI stories on the main page; just scroll down for your daily dose of news and notes.

These aren’t SDI stories. Rather, they’re from various reputable sources, from major news outlets to fan pages, to help you keep up with the Rangers – to whatever level of detail, and from whatever source you want.

We’re going to initially organize it by source and affiliate level (Rangers, Express, RoughRiders, etc.), although this is a work in progress, and we’ll all grow and evolve together.

Please know, none of the changes you’ve seen is taking SDI away from what you’ve become accustomed to over the years. We still center on thoughtful, deep, and knowledgeable Rangers organizational opinions, insights, and analysis.

It’s just part of our continued growth—with what we do best remaining at the core of who we are.

We hope you like the links and the other additions you’ll see in the months to come. As always, should you have feedback, we welcome it, and we’re listening.

Chris Connor
As a lifelong DFW resident, Chris Connor is a diehard Rangers fan, and worships at the altar of Arlington. Along with John Manaloor, he co-owns Shutdown Inning, and serves as Editor in Chief for SDI.
He holds a Bachelors of Science in Management and an MBA, both from UT-Dallas.
As a writer, he acknowledges that he’s never had a brilliance for brevity, but tries to meander to a meaningful point as he channels Faulkner. He believes the only things more beautiful than Ted Williams’ swing are Yosemite Valley at sunrise and his wife.
He lives with the latter, along with their beloved dog and quite tolerable cat, in Allen, Texas.

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