The Most valuable Rangers of 2011

I opened my last article with the statement of, “you can make a compelling case that (Michael Young) is the least valuable player on the team, if you look at a contract/production ratio.” 

So before someone could beat me to the punch- I crunched the numbers. I simply divided WAR (Wins Above Replacement) by salary. I was wrong, Young wasn’t the least valuable Ranger, he was 25th of 39.

 (salary is in millions)


Clarification: I’m not saying Matt Harrison is the most valuable Ranger, and David Murphy the least valuable. I am saying that when you take into account salaries- Harrison and Holland are incredibly more valuable than Murphy and Moreland. 

Obviously you can’t win with 25 guys making the minimum. You have to extend someone, sign someone or trade for someone that is beyond the MLB minimum. However, each player you add above the minimum has to be a great producer, otherwise you’re just hamstringing yourself in the future.

Furthermore, when you extend someone- you have to take into account examples such as, paying Michael Young 52 times what you’re paying Elvis Andrus per win above replacement. That is insane.   

So who picked Matt Harrison in the “Rangers 2011 MVP pool”? It was probably Lincoln Floyd (@SDILincoln). 

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Dan Allsup

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