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The Biased Fan ( and SDI got together for a little cross talk on the Rangers this week. We hope you enjoy.
BOGGAN:  Ok, before I go off into random tangents about baseball, I need your opinion:  Where does CJ end up?

PATRICK: I appreciate you taking the time to do this. As far as CJ goes, I think the Nats or Marlins get his services. I thought LAA for awhile, but I don’t think they will pay what he’s asking for. I thought the Angels for a while. But now I see them trying to drive the price up for the Rangers. Weaver signed a similar contract. I don’t see LAA paying that same money to their #3 starter (Weaver and Haren)

BOGGAN:  And by “appreciate you taking the time to do this”, you obviously mean “does this guy ever shutup?”  But it’s ok. Ya know, I realize the Marlins are basically putting on a circus, constantly bringing free agents in and out for worthless interviews (since we both know they won’t spend a ton of money), but I’ve said it all along and refuse to be removed from my stance: CJ to the Angels (though I did claim it would be a 5 yr, 85 mil deal, and it now looks like he’s willing to give them a “home town discount” of 100 mil. What a nice guy…)

PATRICK:  Since we both agree CJ is not coming back, do you think the Rangers will make a play on Yu Darvish, or do you think they go after Garza, Shields, etc. (if made available)

BOGGAN:  Yu is definitely a possibility. But, with the moving of Feliz to the rotation, I’m thinking they might go after a lesser guy.  They inquired about Garza last offseason before the Cubs put their grimy paws on him, but I feel like Buerhle might be a better fit (depending on the price, of course).

Just so you know, I’m not just predicting CJ to go to Los Angeles because that’s where I think he’ll end up.  Truth is, that’s also where I WANT him to go.  Think about it for a second.  It’s really the perfect fit for him.  He can take his knife fighting and jet pilot skills over to his hometown, where he’s sure to use the four days in between every start to soak up the sun, skateboard, and do whatever else his ego allows him to do.  There’s not a better fit out there for him.  And lost in all this contract talk is the fact that he’s basically become the baseball version of Will Hunting.  It took him awhile, but after realizing his potential, he now knows what he’s capable of and is surely going to leave us all behind.  All that’s missing is a note left on JDs desk that reads “Sorry.  I had to go see about a team.”  And don’t you dare crush my dreams of thinking this will actually happen, Patrick!)

PATRICK:  I agree Yu is a possibility…more so than most people. I think if they sign him, they stash him at Round Rock for a year and we see him in ’13. I realize that the money to land Darvish is crazy talk, but rushing him to the bigs would be nuts. He has to spend at least a year in the minors to learn how these guys over here hit, which is much different from the Japanese leagues. That would be the smart play in my opinion, and I would bet you JD will do that if it happens.

BOGGAN:  Well now that we somewhat agree on CJ and Yu, I think this bullpen is worth a conversation of its own.  Even towards the end of the season, I figured Nefti to the rotation with Koji and Adams as our 8 and 9 guys.  The Nathan signing spoiled my prediction (in a good way).  And call me crazy, but I really think Adams will collect more saves than the former Twins closer.  Sure, they’ll fluctuate throughout the season.  I just personally like what Adams brings to the table.  And don’t even get me started on Koji (I really want to believe. I swear I do.  But when that guy comes running out of the bullpen with the sole intention of rifling a fastball down the heart of the plate whether he has a one or six run lead to protect, it’s probably for the best if we call upon someone who won’t go kamikaze on the mound).

PATRICK:  I think Adams gets a few saves, but not more than Joe. They are going to groom Adams for next year. Koji troubles me. The guy was nails in Baltimore, terrible here. I just don’t know what happen to Koji when he came over here. He gave up a couple of home runs, but that seemed to let that really bother him. I think the guy could be valuable, but he has to get his confidence back.  Lets move on to Center. Gentry? Hamilton?

BOGGAN:  Well clearly Hamilton is better. It’s just too bad that he has a great chance of being shipped to the DL by getting out of bed the wrong way.  The larger and more imperative discussion lies in his looming extension. What (if anything) do you give a guy who is literally either preaching to a crowd or maxing out credit cards on drugs (which obviously aren’t available in any stores, but you get the point)?

PATRICK:  I’m not sure on the dollars, but a contract not more than 2 years for me.  Maybe 2 for $30 mil. That could be in the ballpark. I’m not sure I’d pay it, though. One of our writers Dan Allsup wrote a terrific article titled, “Why Josh Hamilton Should Be Traded.” He hits the nail on the head. Go check that out here.

BOGGAN:  We both know there’s no way Josh accepts a 2 yr deal.  The next contract he inks will be his franchise deal, which basically has to pay him for his past accomplishments AND through his prime.  When a player reaches that point in any sport, they milk it for every cent (every Seattle fan just burned their Shaun Alexander jersey).  I guess the only thing left for me to ponder about is first base.  Moreland?  Fielder? Pujols?  Maybe both of the latter two so we can create one super-player and sale shirts that read “PRINCE ALBERT”?

PATRICK:  I don’t see the Rangers making a run at Albert or Prince.  Signing one of them to a big contract limits the Rangers ability to sign their own guys next year, and make a run at Zach Greinke who is a FA next year. I think they really go after Greinke.

BOGGAN:   You think we’ll skip out on signing a franchise guy this year in order to not be crying when Elvis gets offered 500 million from the Yankees?  I like your style.

PATRICK:  Yes. I think that JD values the team as it is. The chemistry is great with this team, why break it up for one guy, when you can use that money to sign several of your own guys.? To me, it is important to keep bringing in good young talent to replenish the team. But Kinsler is young, Napoli still has a lot of years left in him, and these guys truly like each other and play hard for Wash. A new “superstar” may not get along with the team, or may have a run in with the Skipper. Get pitching next year and leave Prince and Albert alone.

BOGGAN:  I don’t see how you could go wrong by bringing back the same talent that won you two pennants.  I even bet that if we walk up to JDs office come September, we see a note on his door that simply states, “Sorry.  I had to go see about a Championship.”

Patrick Despain
Patrick is a member of the IBWAA and creator of Shutdown Inning. He was raised him Arlington, Texas and grew up watching games on HSE and listening to Eric Nadel and Mark Holtz on the radio. He is a long time Rangers fan and never achieved his dream of being a bat boy. He know lives in Georgia with dreams of a Texas return.

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