Twas The Night Before Christmas (Rangers Edition)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the team,
Not a creature was stirring, or so it would seem.
The budget’s been planned, by JD with care,
With hopes that a championship soon would be there.The devout fans still dressed in warm Ranger threads,
With YouTube videos of Darvish playing in their heads.
Nolan in his boots, and Wash in his Cadillac,
Were gearing up for another full season attack.From 1000 Ballpark Way there never comes any clatter,
Lips are sealed tight, eliminating rumors & chatter.
Away to the Twitter we all fly like a flash,
Pop open a browser, only to laugh at the Dutchstache.

The sun reflecting off JD’s Ray Bands,
Gives the  luster of one man in total command.
And truly, to our wondering eyes it appears,
A roster, a farm system, built to win for many years.

With a codgy old skipper who trusts his gut,
A true baseball man who walks with a strut.
Frantic and wild, he waves his club around the bases in a game,
And whistles, and shouts, and calls them by name!

Now, Elvis! Now, Michael! Now, Ian and Nelly!
On, Colby! On, Derek! On, ‘Lexi and Nefti!
To the end of October! From Spring until fall!
Do what the game ask you to do, do it with your all!

He sprang to the top dugout step, gave his team a sharp whistle,
Willing them to victory with all his grit & gristle,
But I heard him exclaim, filled with uncanny delight,Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Peter Ellwood

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