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A little over a year ago I abandoned my ten-year long pursuit of making it in Hollywood as a screenwriter. I took my passion for writing and combined it with my love of baseball and became a sports writer. It’s still early but the success continues to grow. When I started my articles for Yahoo Sports were read by an average of 1,200 readers per day. Now those numbers have jumped to over 7,000 readers and I have joined the great guys here at Shutdown Inning.
With the internet and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook being as big as they are, writers find themselves facing constant scrutiny from fans that are in disagreement with what they have to say, even calling them idiots or even worse. I’m not here to discount fans and their opinions nor am I here to say that they should keep their mouths shut. Without fans, the writers would have no readers, so press on and continue speaking your voice.

What I am here to talk about are the insane questions that fans have posed not just to me but other more well-known people in the world of baseball such as Jamey Newberg, Anthony Ando or Evan Grant.

I understand when fans question why Ron Washington chose to rest a hot Nelson Cruz. I tried to explain giving guys rest against non-divisional opponents and they got it. The Metroplex, thanks in most part to the Dallas Cowboys, is filled with fans that possess a “must win every game” attitude. That’s not going to happen in baseball. But still, when they see a player struggling, a lot of fans are quick to jump the gun and call for the latest prospect to be called up. The farm system is not like the football’s practice squad. A player may be hitting .360 in single-A ball, but he’s doing so against single-A pitchers. Same goes for double-A players.

Don’t even bring up Bryce Harper. That’s a special player that you don’t see too often and the Rangers do not have a “Harper” in their farm as of yet.

Allow me to address some of the questions that really shouldn’t have to be answered.

Why doesn’t Texas make a big “Mark Teixeira” type trade with Josh Hamilton?

Not going to happen. It will never happen. In 2007, the Rangers were in a rebuilding mode and Teixeira was traded to help stock the farm system for the future. The future is here and the Rangers are trying to go to the World Series for the third straight season and Hamilton is a big key to that return. You also have to consider that Teixeira still had a full year of control left on his contract when he was traded to Atlanta whereas Josh is free agent after this season ends.

Will Texas give Hamilton a huge contract?

Depends on what you mean by huge? 4 years, $90 million (with a team option in the fourth year) huge? Or 10 years, $200 million+? I have always said that I believe the Rangers are better off giving him a 3-4 year deal, nothing more. I don’t see Texas signing him longer than that, though there will be teams that will make crazy offers like that especially if he continues on the offensive tear he finds himself on right now. If he wasn’t prone to injuries and addiction relapses we would be talking about a whole different story.

Will Mike Olt be called up this year?

Okay, I understand that Mitch Moreland is hitting below expectations and that Mike Olt has played some games at first for Frisco this season, but he is not ready. He will not be here this season unless it’s as a September call-up after rosters expand. For now you can expect Texas to keep platooning guys such as Brandon Snyder, Michael Young and Mike Napoli at first. And if things get too bad Jon Daniels may make a trade for a veteran first baseman.  

Yorvit Torrealba sucks doesn’t he?

Unfollowed and blocked.

I hoped this help to answer some of your questions. If not, you know where to find me and I’ll be waiting with open ears and an open mind.

James Holland is a Senior Columnist for ShutDownInning. He can be reached at James.Holland@shutdowninning.com or@SDIJamesHolland on Twitter.
James Holland

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