Why I Became a Fan of Baseball


I have always loved sports. I love the adrenaline rush, the competition, the testing of one’s strength and endurance, and the testing of one’s character. However, I have to admit that my love for baseball was acquired over the past few years.

My husband and I dated for just about three years before our wedding day so I knew about his love for baseball going into our marriage. However, when we got married three years ago I had not lived with him prior or in the DFW Metroplex where every single game is broadcast. Needless to say, I did not truly know what the majority of our nights would look like. As the new wife of a true baseball fan I realized that I had a choice to make to be a fan or not to be.

Now when I say that my husband is a fan of baseball I mean a true fan through and through. I’m sure you know the type, the guy who not only watches the games but reads the articles, listens to the sports radio shows, watches the pregames, and so on. My husband never asked me to weigh these options, but there is nothing better than seeing a man in his element and boy he is in his element when he is discussing America’s favorite pastime. So obviously I chose to become a fan of the game.

I began really watching the games with him instead of playing on the computer or working on some project. The more I watched the more I wanted to know. Periodically I would ask questions about a play or a ruling and before I knew it I was reading articles and watching the pregames.

Once Twitter entered our household it didn’t take long for me to realize that night after night baseball was no longer just going to be watched, but it was going to be discussed and researched more frequently in our home and I could either be out of the loop and bored or right there next to my husband fully engaged (unless it was an west coast game, this girl gets tired). I opted for the latter. In the end I put all the cards on the table and not just watched the games but really got to know the rules, the regulations, the terms, the teams, and the players.

After devoting some time and effort into something he loves, I too, now love attending and watching games. I can spit out stats, regulations, and rules more quickly and accurately than a lot of men that I know and I’ll even admit that I now engage in baseball talk because I want to – not just to put a smile on my husband’s face.

I strengthened our marriage by becoming invested in him and his interest in baseball and now I am not just a fan of the game, but a true lover of the game.

Kristen is the wife of ShutDown Inning Staff Writer Peter Ellwood. You can find her on Twitter @LWTEllwoods

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